Relax for your eyes

The relaxing mask THERMACTIVE, thanks to the heating particles inside it, quickly reaches a temperature of around 40°, thus giving a pleasant, lasting feeling of well-being.

Once applied, it is able to give instant relief and slow down tension built up throughout the day, by improving circulation and giving a sense of relief to tired eyes, which are continuously affected by fatigue.

These medical devices are suitable for every age range and have no contraindications.

The masks are enriched with sweet scent notes of lavender or chamomile, which will be with you in the moments of self-care, when you distance yourself from the stress that surrounds you.

Why using the relaxing mask?

Stress and anxiety are two factors that cause common neck, lumbar and other muscle pains.

Stefano Negrini, associate professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Brescia, states:

"Anxiety derives from the fear caused by the necessity to react to external events. The preparation to this response involves a muscle contraction to get it ready to escape. When the movement does not occur, the contraction generates a form of asphyxiation in the muscles that are not well oxygenated, because the blood comes only through contraction and relaxation of the muscle itself, with a "pump" mechanism. The contracture, that is the contraction without release, generates the toxins that then give rise to pain. It is a matter of fact that anxiety and stress are an intense pain facilitator."

The benefits of aroma therapy

Aromatherapy is a branch of phytotherapy, that is the use of plants or plant extracts to promote body and mind well-being. The use of these essences, represented by the volatile fractions obtained from plants through the distillation process, allows you to act on mental and spiritual processes that are too often neglected.

In particular, the relaxing masks contain chamomile and lavender scents inside.

Chamomile has a sedative and relaxing effect and promotes inner balance. In addition, it seems to be our best ally when it comes to emotional disturbances caused by stress, headache and nervous tension.

Lavender has several properties certified by scientific studies. It has a positive effect on the brain, it helps you sleep better and treat insomnia, anxiety and emotional stress. It can also be used to relieve pain from headaches.

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Le nostre mascherine rilassanti THERMACTIVE sono dei dispositivi medici di classe II ad uso domestico che dà diritto ad un'agevolazione fiscale del 19% sull'acquisto. 1

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È totalmente sicuro.

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La forza dei componenti.​

Iron powder

In contact with the environment, the iron powder activates an oxidation process that provoke a consequent heating that reaches 40° C, with a beneficial effect on the muscles.


Mining material with high insulating ability which is useful in various fields.

This mineral is able to slow down the oxidation process so that the heat generated does not dissipate too quickly.

Activated carbon

Activated carbon allows better heat transfer, created through the oxidation process of iron powder.

Water, sodium chloride, sodium polyacrylate

They are strong catalysts of this process, by operating during the chemical oxidation of iron. Their aim is to lower the activation energy, thus increasing the speed of the process and therefore increasing its efficiency.

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