Allevia i dolori muscolari

Our self heating bandages are perfect to soothe arthrosis, muscle shocks, sprain and contusions.

These bands do not have any contraindications, but we suggest not to use them in case of high fever, wounds or injuries, metallic prosthesis or pacemaker.

They are easy to use and wipe. Clean them with a wet rag.

How to use

1 - Wear the bandage.

2 - If you want to accelerate the heating action, wet the part of your body where you want to put the bandage.

3 - The degree of heating you will feel is proportional to the level of your inflammation. If the heat provided is excessive, remove the bandage.

We recommend to use the bandage continuously, in order to increase the advantages.

Do not touch the inner area with your hands, do not use on your face and avoid contact with eyes.

La sicurezza al primo posto.

Le nostre fasce autoriscaldanti sono dei dispositivi medici di classe I ad uso domestico che danno diritto ad un'agevolazione fiscale del 19% sull'acquisto. 1

Non hai bisogno di un professionista.

È totalmente sicuro.

Non ha controindicazioni.

Quali sono le nostre fasce autoriscaldanti?

Ankle band

Thanks to the advantages of magnetism, it sooth ankle pain and heaviness.

* Con l'acquisto di una cavigliera avrai una fascia cervicale in omaggio

Glove band

It is particularly recommended for hand joint pain. It can also be used in case of tendinitis or ligament problems.

* Con l'acquisto di un guanto avrai una fascia cervicale in omaggio

Lumbar band

It is particularly recommended in case of backache and sciatica. We suggest to use the band continuously, until relief sensation is perceived. If the heat provived is excessive, suspend the use.

* Con l'acquisto di una fascia lombare avrai una fascia cervicale in omaggio

Shoulder band

Similarly to the other ALE&GIÒ self heating bands, also the shoulder band is ergonomic and can soothe muscle pain, distortions, sprains, heaviness and arthritis, thanks to the heat function.

* Con l'acquisto di una spalliera avrai una fascia cervicale in omaggio

Knee band

It is particularly recommended for problems due to the inflammation of muscle or joint of the knee.

* Con l'acquisto di una ginocchiera avrai una fascia cervicale in omaggio

Cervical band

It is very helpful to reduce the tightening of the muscles of the neck.

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    NT077 Spalliera: 2306795
    NT078 Ginocchiera: 2306767
    NT079 Lombare: 2306799
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