Privacy policy

With regard to Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 and EU Regulation 2016/679, especially articles 12 and 13, we inform you that your data will be used according to the current regulation. ALE & GIO' GROUP S.R.L. is constantly committed to finding technical solutions able to ensure a high level of security and protection of personal data. All the conditions specified in the General Data Protection Regulation (hereafter “GDPR”) and other regulations, in particular the code about personal data (hereafter “Privacy code” or “the code”) are implemented.

1. Who is entitled to use your data?

ALE & GIO' GROUP S.R.L., with registered office in Matino (Le), via Maestri del lavoro n. 1 (hereafter “ALE&GIÒ” or “us”) is entitled to use your personal data, according to GDPR and the privacy code.

2. What data do we collect?

“Personal data”are any data that relates to an identifiable person (hereafter “the data”) and “The data provided” are all the data you have provided us with, to purchase goods or services. The data may include your name, surname, address, telephone number, email address, occupation, date and place of birth and tax code. Providing us with these data, if required during the contract, is essential for its completion. The lack of communication of these data will result in the failure of completing the contract and/or the inability of ALE&GIÒ to provide goods or services. Your data may have already been provided to other companies of the ALE&GIÒ group. Also browsing data that are acquired from the software of our website are treated, such as ip address or domain name of the computer of the users of the website that can be used as anonymous statistical data in order to check the right functioning of the website. If you want to have more information about the technologies used to provide the services described above, we recommend that you read our cookies policy.
. ALE&GIÒ does not collect and does not use personal data about racial origin, political religious or philosophical opinions.

3. According to what regulation your data will be treated?

“Personal data” means any data that relates to an identifiable person (hereafter “the data”). We will use your data exclusively as permitted by law. In particular we will use your data according to articles 6, 7 and 9 of GDPR, as well as in compliance of the privacy code:

  • Consent art 6(1) paragraph 1(a) art 7 GDPR): we will treat some of your data just upon your preliminary and free consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time, with future effect.
  • Completion of a contract: in order to complete a contract we need to have access and use some of your data.
  • Compliance with a legal duty art 6(1) paragraph 1(c) GDPR: in order to ensure compliance with those requirements, we need to use some data.

4. What is the purpose of the collection of your data?

Your data will be used by us just in compliance with the purpose described by the regulation about personal data protection, such as: a) purposes previously approved by you; b) data treatment for contraction completion; c) for precontractual measures; d) fulfillment of our legal duties; e)protection of our interests or the interests of third parties, except when your interests are more important; f) verification, practice, and protection of a right or a legal claim; g) for important public interest reasons; h) for marketing and advertising, especially direct marketing.

We will also use your data for the purpose below:

  • For contractual reasons, especially to give effect to the contract signed with you;
  • Contact you with regard to the contract;
  • To give you a good customer care service. We may use your data to improve our customer care service and the level of training of our personnel. We may also collect some data with random telephone registration, in accordance with the privacy policy and the regulation of the supervisor of protection of personal data;
  • Administration of legal guarantee, conformity of the product, assistance, request of withdrawal, administration and cancellation of the contract.
  • collaborazione con società Socie e/o facenti parte del Gruppo ALE&GIÒ per una migliore gestione delle Sue richieste / necessità;
  • Transfer of your data to third parties, just for the management of your request if done remotely, exclusively about the data required from the operators of the platform used for the procedure.

Use of your data is subject to consent: in the following cases your data will be used by us just if you have previously given your consent:

i) market surveys and profiling activities. We make market surveys about the interests of our customers, in order to provide them with interesting offers. This may include surveys about customer satisfaction. For market surveys we exclusively use, when possible, anonymous and aggregated data, but also your personal data could be used.

ii) marketing and advertising. In case of your previous consent, we may use your data in order to inform you about some interesting offer, contacting you through the communication channels you have authorised. Marketing activities (including participation in competitions or prize contests) can be conducted by telephone, Sms and email. You can oppose at any time.

In addition to what stated above, ALE&GIÒ can also use your data to comply with legal duties, to protect your data and the company data from external attack, to prevent frauds, in case of controversy, or administrative, accounting and fiscal duties, always in compliance with the current regulation. Sometimes some features of our website, app or some operations may be restricted for those under the age specified on ALE&GIÒ website and/or determined by current regulation; in those cases we may need additional consent. At last ALE&GIÒ can use your data in order to protect its interests, except when your interests are more important. This depends on an aggregated and anonymous sales control, aimed to improve our products and services.

5. How long will we use your data?

In accordance with article n. 5, comma 1 letter e) we will use your data just for the period needed for their treatment and for the purpose of their use. If we use your data for more than one purpose they will be deleted or saved in a format that cannot allow to know your identity. Your data will be approximately used for the following periods:

  • Fiscal and administrative purposes: concerning services supply, ALE&GIÒ will use your personal data for the period of the italian law for the protection of one’s own interests against any possible claim about services (art. 2946 and following of the Civil Code);
  • Legal obligation for warranty of products: 28 months;
  • Contractual obligation for additional after sales services: from 36 to 78 months, according to the selected service.

6. How do we protect your data?

ALE&GIÒ uses your data according to the safety requirements described in the article n.32 of GDPR. In order to ensure a high level of protection of data and prevent their misuse, some technical and organizational measures have been improved, respecting the international IT standards, and such measures are always under control.

7. Who can we share your data with?

You data can be shared with third parties, such as:

  • Companies partner of ALE&GIÒ or members of the ALE&GIÒ group, always taking measures for the protection of your data in accordance with legal regulation, with the purpose of improving IT services and company reporting, checking claims and requests, managing damages of products, supplying additional services, and for marketing and advertising purpose, in case you give your consent,
  • To third parties as long as it is needed in order to achieve purposes described in point 3 and 4, or in case of any legal duty in the field of information and reporting.

Such third parties are supplier of services, including IT services, external consultant with regard to the following contexts:

  • Enveloping, sorting, transmission of communication to customers, as well as archiving of data;
  • Supply and management of administrative procedures, computer systems, communication networks and systems of protection and security;
  • Customer care (call center and help desk);
  • After sale assistance and technical intervention in case of legale warranty, lack of conformity for the purchased products (manufactures, importer, authorised technical assistance);
  • Evaluation, accounting and balance certification;
  • Activities of business information conducted from companies duly authorised, in accordance with the regulation, event planning, advertising campaign, measurement of the quality level of products and market surveys;
  • Professional advice and assistance.

ALE&GIÒ will appoint the subjects above, when required, as responsible for the treatment, or under proper circumstances, they can act as independent, according to the current regulation.

ALE&GIÒ commits not to transferring your data out of the European Community.

8. Your rights.

According to GDPR and other regulations about personal data protection, you have specific rights, that cannot be limited. In particular you have the following rights towards ALE&GIÒ:

  • Right of access (art. 15 GDP): you can ask for information about your personal data held by us. Such information regards the category of data used by us, the purposes, the origin of the data, in case we did not achieve them directly from you, and the addressee to whom we may have transferred you data. You can receive a free copy of your data, that are object of the contract.
  • Right of rectification (art. 16 GDPR): you can ask for a rectification of your data. We will take all the needed measures in order to have your data always correct, complete and updated.
  • Right or cancellation (art. 17 GDPR): you can ask for the cancellation of your data, under the circumstances required by the regulation. For example according art.17 it may happen in the following cases:
  • if the data are no longer needed for the purpose they have been collected.
  • if you withdraw your consent and there is no legal basis for the treatment of your data.
  • if you oppose the treatment of your data and there is no legitimate reason to proceed with the treatment, or if you oppose the treatment of your data for direct marketing.
  • if the data have been treated in an illegal way, except the case the treatment is necessary:
  • for a legal obligation that requires the treatment of your data, especially for the period of conservation of documents, described by the law.
  • for verification, practice, and protection of a right or a legal claim.
  • Right of restriction (art. 18 GDPR): you can ask for a restriction of treatment of your data, in case they are no longer correct or needed.
  • Right of portability (art. 20 GDPR): you have the right to receive a copy of your data, and transfer them to another holder, if possible for technical reasons.
  • Right of opposition (art.21 GDPR): at any time, you can oppose the treatment of your data, for reasons linked to your current situation, as described in article n. 6, paragraph n. 1, letter e) and f) of GDPR, or if your data are used for direct marketing. In this case we will not use your data, but if we can prove the necessity of the treatment, such as verification, practice and protection of a right in legal context, we will use your data.
  • Right of withdrawal: you can withdraw your consent at any time (art.13 GDPR), without compromising the lawfulness of the treatment, based on the consent given before the withdrawal. Withdrawal can be asked, using the contacts below or through the methods released by ALE&GIÒ. We will try to manage the request as quickly as possible, approximately within thirty days, except different communication.
  • Claim: you can always make a claim to a competent authority, according to art. 77 of GDPR.

Your data are owned by ALE&GIÒ in the person of the legal representative, who can be reached at the address below: via Maestri del lavoro n.1, 73046 Matino (Le). For any other request and for information about the treatment of your data, you can contact ALE&GIÒ:
- By post a ALE & GIO' GROUP S.R.L., Via Maestri del lavoro n.1, 73046, Matino (LE);
- By telephone 0833 217135;
- By email

ALE&GIÒ will inform you about any change in the personal data treatment.