Il benessere un passo dopo l'altro

It is well-known that human posture is determined by 6 fundamental parts: ankles, knees, hips, pelvis, spinal column and neck.

If even only one of these parts gets altered, this can cause serious damages to our bone structure.

Each step can disturb our body causing pain or even more serious consequences.

ALE&GIÒ Biomechanical Shoe makes you feel like when you are walking on the beach/seaside on bare feet; it increases the effects of fitness and deadens the impact between human body and the soil, so absorbing the shocks and giving the perfect strength to the foot.

Inizia a camminare in modo corretto.

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Le scarpe che migliorano la tua postura.

Potenzia la muscolatura.

Our biomechanical shoes help your spine reach the ideal alignment, so moving your barycenter to the ideal position.

By simply walking in our shoes, your abdominal muscles, your back and your connective and muscular tissue become stronger and tonic.

Ritrova il giusto equilibrio.

Knee's strength may reduce along with hip's muscles weakening.

This arises the risk of backwards tumbling.

Our shoes are useful to help you be ideally aligned and balanced.

Migliora la circolazione sanguigna.

Thanks to the calf's relaxation and tension activities, a better efficiency in blood pumping is reached.

Our soles minimizes your physical effort and enhances your comfort.

Brucia calorie camminando.

Comparing to common shoes, our shoes provide a higher share of oxygen, so leading to a higher rate of energy consumption.

Made in Italy

Ci affidiamo da sempre ad artigiani locali e aziende italiane per i nostri prodotti, così da avere la massima qualità e il design unico che da sempre contraddistingue il nostro Bel Paese.

Insoles in silver fiber

Thanks to their innovative composition, our ergonomic insoles are able to give a special sense of well-being to our whole body.

In addition to improving gait stability during walk, by absorbing the impact with the ground, they also have antibacterial, antistatic and thermoregulating properties, thanks to the silver fibers present in their composition.

Antibacterial properties

The silver ions present in our ergonomic insoles, have a strong antibacterial function, preventing the spread and transmission of bacteria, with no harm to your body.

Furthermore, by reducing the bacterial load, the silver ions eliminate unpleasant sweat smells, thus offering greater comfort while walking.

Thermoregulating properties

The special composition of the insoles also has a thermoregulatory function. In fact, it restores body heat, depending on the external temperature and reduces the humidity caused by sweat.

Antistatic properties

The silver fabric, with a high electrical conduction capacity, protects our body from the absorption of static energy, thanks to the dissipation of electrical charges.

Eleganza al femminile.

Raffinatezza al maschile.

Per lui e per lei.

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