Our history

From its birth, ALE&GIÒ is the brand for those who to take care of themselves and the environment.

With our efforts, we make a healthier life possible for everyone.

Our tradition

We opened our first center in Italy many years ago, because we thought people wellness needed more care and dedication

Now we can provide a complete wellness experience, thanks to our products and stores ALE&GIÒ all over Italy.

Towards progress

There is always a better way to take care of your health and beauty


Since our foundation, we have always chosen products and services able to enhance the wellness of our customers, using advanced technologies we can support the health and wellness of everybody.


Thanks to our physicians and researchers, we are always updated with innovation.

Thanks to our continuous research of solutions, we have more and more safe products, able to provide our customers with a high level of wellness and satisfaction.


Our company relies on sustainable solutions.

We love and respect our environment. 

We develop products and services that can provide care and wellness, combining Nature’s gift, in all the possible forms, with innovation and technology.

ALE&GIÒ family

ALE&GIÒ has around 30 franchising centers all over Italy. Each center develops the  ALE&GIÒ philosophy and all our co-worker belong to the  ALE&GIÒ family.

We can guarantee a constant improvement of our customer support, thanks to our organization that allows us to pursue our goals of innovation and sustainability.

Our goal is to support our customers, providing them with the best wellness experience and represent a comfort guarantee.

Our products

Since 2004 ALE&GIÒ has been researching, developing and selling products for care and complete wellness, in accordance with the specific needs of our customers.

Our products include items for body wellness, cleaning and purification of different environments, and cosmetics.

Our values

Everyday ALE&GIÒ supports and enhance our health and wellness.

Products and services are developed with one goal: the care and wellness of every person.

ALE&GIÒ stores

High professional personnel will help you in the evaluation of the products, showing you their real efficacy through unlimited free trials.

Thanks to our frankness and honesty, which are key elements of our ethical code, we can create a trustful relationship with our customers, and guarantee their satisfaction.