Eat healthy

Obo is a very useful ally for your daily wellness, as it can clean in depth fruits, vegetables and kitchenware.

It is able to remove bacteria and pesticides, thanks to an high-tech plasma purification technology.

Thanks to its titanium platinum plates, it activates the electrolysis process of water, triggering a redox reaction and the consequent creation of hydroxyl groups, that operate on bacteria, breaking their cellular surface and modifying their permeability. The result is the demolition of the metabolic cycle of bacteria and their consequent destruction.

Hydroxyl groups are also able to break covalent bonds of pesticides and hormones, degrading them and allowing their decomposition into water-soluble substances, harmless for health.

Easy to use.

Obo has three washing modes, in order to ensure a great result for all the different categories of products.

Easy to clean.

Obo has a removable basket, that allows to duly clean and maintain the device.

It also has a helpful bottle holder, that allows you to properly clean any kind of kitchenware.

È adatto alla propria casa.

Thanks to its design and its small dimensions, it can fit any location.

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