Payment and security

Payment and security

In order to purchase something on the ALE&GIÒ website, you may choose to pay with a credit card, issued by Italian territory. The following banking system will be accepted: American Express, Visa, Mastercard. Customers who will use American Express credit cards, will be contacted by their institution, in order to check the ownership of the card. This check my delay the fulfilment time, as it may require about four working days.

Advance bank transfer

IIn order to purchase something on the ALE&GIÒ website, you may choose to pay with an advance bank transfer. Here are the data you can use for the bank transfer, once the order and the confirmation has been received:
Beneficiary: ALE & GIO' GROUP SRL 
C/c: 010000273329 
ABI: 03032 CAB: 79520 CIN: N 
IBAN: IT39N0303279520010000273329 
If requested: BIC/SWIFT: BACRIT21517 
The reason of the bank transfer has to include: name and surname, company name of who issues the order, the number of the order, the date of the order. 
The customer has to arrange the bank transfer within three working days starting from the receipt of the confirmation email and he/she has to send a copy of the bank transfer to ALE&GIÒ to the address -(within three working days from the receipt of the order). The amount has to be credited on ALE&GIÒ account within five working days from the receipt of the confirmation email of the order. In case of expiry of one the three deadlines above, the order will be considered canceled and will not be fulfilled. If the bank transfer will be credited in time, your order will be delivered according to the zone of delivery. Once the order will be delivered, the customer will receive the tax document by email.


You will be redirected to Paypal website, where, using your own email address and password, you can make the payment of the order. This method of payment includes the opening, by the customer, of a PayPal account. ALE&GIÒ will only accept payments from customers who are registered on the Italian site of PayPal. The amount will be charged on the PayPal account of the customer after the confirmation of the order by ALE&GIÒ. Any reimbursement will be done by ALE&GIÒ on the Paypal account of the customer. Paypal will send a confirmation email for any transaction.