Infrared massage beds

The infrared massage bed combines the principles of Chiropratic and Acupressure with jade's natural properties, infrareds and the heat spread by moxa and an epoxidic carbon layer.

Magnetic Mat with Amethyst

Thanks to the presence of photons, magnets and infrared rays, magnetic mat​ reinforces our body, accelerating biological processes and providing dynamic energy to the cells

Photon Pad with Amethyst

Photon Pad is a valid way to take care of ourselves. Thanks to the presence of photons and infrared rays, it reinforces our body, accelerating biological processes and providing dynamic energy to the cells

Photon Beauty Device

Our photon device can be used for small muscle contractures, articular pain, sprains, backache, stiffness due to arthritis, improving the blood circulation and a lot more.

Alkaline Water Ionizer

Thanks to the ALE&GIÒ water ionizer you will have alkaline and oxygen-rich water in your home, useful for our body and which is quickly absorbed and activated, to help cellular operations.

Tritan water bottles

We have chosen this special material for its ALE&GIÒ bottles, giving the opportunity for a growing number of people to care about their wellness with an eco-friendly and innovative product.

Leg massager

Leg massager is a device, that thanks to the combined action of airbag, rollers and heat, is able to provide an extraordinary sensation of wellness to your legs and feet, stimulating blood circulation, promoting excess fluid drainage and soothing leg heaviness.

Biomechanical shoes

Our ALE&GIÒ Biomechanical Shoe makes you feel like when you are walking on the beach/seaside on bare feet; it increases the effects of fitness and deadens the impact between human body and the soil, so absorbing the shocks and giving the perfect strength to the foot.

Insoles in silver fiber

Thanks to their innovative composition, our ergonomic insoles are able to give a special sense of well-being to our whole body.

In addition to improving gait stability during walk, by absorbing the impact with the ground, they also have antibacterial, antistatic and thermoregulating properties, thanks to the silver fibers present in their composition.

The new ALE&GIÒ fabric is composed of a polyamide (PA) 6.6 microfiber that invigorates and increases the well-being of the body.

According to recent studies, the technology inside the fiber in our innovative fabric that emits FIR (Far Infrared Ray) stimulates the body, reduces the appearance of cellulite, improves sports performance and gives benefits in terms of health and beauty.

Air Purifier

RESPIRO PLUS air purifier is a air filtration system that uses ion-cluster technology to remove microorganisms, dust and odours presents in the air.

OBO - Sterilizer Of Fruit, Vegetable And Utensil

OBO is a device able to remove bacteria and pesticides from fruits, vegetables and kitchenware.

ALE&GIÒ Beauty

The ALE&GIÒ Beauty cosmetics line, entirely made in Italy from organic farming, offers a selection of natural products able to satisfy any kind of need.

Band Self-Heating

Our self heating bandages are perfect to soothe arthrosis, muscle shocks, sprain and contusions.

Natural Patcher RIVITALIX

Natural patches Rivitalix ® are a medical device designed and produced with refined and innovative materials, capable of counteracting the discomforts of bad microcirculation.

THERMACTIVE heating bands and patches

THERMACTIVE HEATING BANDS and PATCHES are valid tools to overcome all types of muscle tension that occur throughout the day.


The THERMACTIVE relaxing mask, thanks to the heating particles inside it, quickly reaches a temperature of around 40°, thus giving a pleasant, lasting feeling of well-being.

ALE&GIÒ Jewels

Elegant bracelets, necklaces and pendants that, thanks to magnets, germanium, negative ions and infrareds help the body keep healthy.